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On our English pages, you often see the word "relationships". This is just sanitized language. On our English pages, "relationships" refers to what couples, when not sleeping, do in bed. Or, if so inclined, on the kitchen table.

English is a rather hypocritical language. Many words for natural bodily functions and processes have dirty connotations, and polite speakers like us have to go to considerable length to communicate meanings without naming them. But we nevertheless hope you get the point.

Tongkatali.org's Source material: Africa

By Serge Kreutz

These are authentic reports on Africa which I have found on the Internet. As I can't be sure that they will continue to be available at their original URL, I include them here.

The first piece is on Madagascar, the second on Tanzania.



Please note that the opinions expressed in the post below are those of the authors, not mine. For my own opinions, please see my own articles.

LANGUAGE: Forget Madagascar if you speak only English. The upper class and expatriates and even tourists all speak French only (well, a few Italian tourists also). Language here seems to be a political issue instead of just a tool to do business. As bad as Mauritius for snotty attitude.

FOOD: Two types - low-grade Malagasy, and moderately expensive French. Times to eat are inconvenient. You have to fit in to local custom, unlike in Bangkok or Hongkong where you can eat round the clock. Okay, Phnom Penh sucks for late night eating too! Problem is I have my first meal of the day at 2 pm when most restaurants are closed. Office hours are weird too, closed midday, and don't stay open late to compensate for siesta - maybe it's the general strike factor. I don't know.

ACCOMMODATION: In Cambodia you'll get air-con rooms with TV and private bath for what here you pay for a fan room with shared bath. Hoteliers are either French or Pakistani and despite low season and few tourists they don't reduce the price. This wouldn't happen in Indonesia. Perhaps the state inflicts a set-rate room tax and thus there is little room for bargaining. Frankly I don't get it, in Thailand one can bargain in off-season, but not here except for long stay, like a month! Well, I did negotiate one reduced rate for a few days, but in general it seems that the Muslim hoteliers would rather have an empty hotel than a smaller profit. Very different from Chinese mentality in Thailand.

PEOPLE: More like Asians than Africans, especially the highlanders are so. Malagasies are polite and gentle. Nothing like the rude and rough Nigerians I meet in Bangkok. Okay, so Madagascar isn't Africa...

WOMEN: The Merina in the highlands are heartbreakingly beautiful. Many are gorgeous to my taste - I like slender, petite, delicate-featured, fine-boned females with Asiatic features). The cotiers (coastal people) are a lot more like Africans, can be, and usually are, as black as any Negro, and have Negro features. Problem is, it's the cotiers who look at me with a friendly 'I'm interested' look. The Merina, whom I think are stunning by comparison (as good looking as any Thai or Cambodian though they tend to lose their beauty younger than mainland S.E. Asians) are much less interested in me, judging by their looks. And they judge me by my clothing - something the black girls couldn't care less about.

TANA: Charming capital with lots of steep walking.

TAMATAVE: Boring port with no Merina.

MERCHANTS: In Tana mostly Mulsim, in Tamatave almost exclusively. Seldom mix with locals, it appears. They appear to be pure Pakistanis rather than Malagasies who are Muslim. Rumor is that Malagasies are against them in Mahajunga on west coast, as they have done before.

BACKWARD: Two examples, from service and agriculture... 1) Rickshaws in Calcutta are serious vehicles and the operators know how to use them. In Tamatave, they are uncomfortable (they look homemade), poorly balanced by operators and the guys walk instead of run. So what's the point of using them? I'll buy or rent a bicycle instead. 2) While in Europe, Egypt, India and China and every other civilization the plough has been used for what, a thousand years or more, here they use spades. Unbelievable! Malagasies aren't farmers, they're gardeners.

SCREWED-UP ECONOMY: Instead of manufacturing their own goods, virtually everything's imported from France - when it could be imported from India or China at a fraction of the cost. Must be some political-corporate machinations such as favorable tariffs for French companies rather than a free market. Of course many states engage in such restrictionist policies, but can Madagascar afford to, especially for its poor?

SEX: Best oral relationships service I have had in my life was here, not in Asia, or in Cuba either. The cotier gal was superb, and cheaper than anywhere in S.E. Asia. Problem is quality. Most hookers here have had children and are in their twenties. Not really appealing for me anyway. Many European men I meet here think that black Malagasies are the most beautiful women in the world. I suppose it is a matter of taste.

Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, considering the global campaign against the relationships trade for the past decade, the age of consent for prostitution is artificially late in life. While a 15-year-old Malagasy woman might have a boyfriend, husband or even a child of her own, she is forbidden to have relationships for money. I denounce this law as anti-relationships fascism. Remember the motto of the 1970's feminism; "Our bodies ourselves"? Well, the option to work as a professional or even semi-professional prostitute is denied poor women in Madagascar. A 16-year-old girl, especially on the coast, is NOT a child, as nature and tradition are testimony to. Yet hotels forbid entry to women under 18 to engage in consensual relationships. Of course locals are doing it. I denounce this current trend as Christian capitalism against individual freedom.

QUESTION: Where is the best nightlife in Madagascar? Where are the most beautiful, sexually accessible women in Madagascar? … "Madagascar is a "relationships paradise", my German friend told me two years ago. Either he has very low standards or things have sure changed.

I am looking for legal-age (18) teenage non-Negroes, such as Merina, for commitment-free relationships. I don't care if they are girlfriends or prostitutes as long as I can be promiscuous, true to my genes, and rebelling against the modern trend to enforce the ethos of the great religions. I was going to go to another coastal city but I am isolated during the fight between two menm who both claim to be President. One is a Catholic (?) gangster, whose North Korean bodyguard fired on non-violent protestors and who favors France. The other is a Protestant and politically correct liberal who favors the USA. Who is the lesser of the two evils? Who is better for Madagascar? I don't know or care since I am a tourist. There is no libertarian tradition in this region. Even the sovereign republics of the pirates here were based on theft and violence, not human rights.

I get the impression that if one learns the language and settles down, it is very easy to have a girlfriend here. I am not interested in long-term monogamous arrangements however.


Chairman of the Phallic Panthers, an international militant organization dedicated to education in heterosexual male freedom. Women have plenty of their own groups. It's time for a revolution for individual men's rights. First step is a hearty celebration. Haven't had one here yet!



The following is from the World Relationships Guide. The first of the two posts is a sanitized version of an article that had been posted originally in the mid-90s. I am still searching my archives to check whether I have saved the original version somewhere. As a precaution against the information getting lost completely, if have included it here.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the two posts below are those of the authors, not mine. For my own opinions, please see my own articles.

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995

These are my experiences from several trips to East Africa from 1990 to 1995. I always travel alone and the experiences you make if you travel in a group may be very different from what I describe below. I am male and I report from a male point of view for single male travelers. If you are offended by this, or if you are a feminist, then better not go ahead.


If you have ever dreamt to be desired by several women at the same time and have another partner every night, then East Africa will be your destination of choice. Never throughout the world I have found relationships to be so free from cultural and social restrictions. Only if you play the game without a condom, you will probably sign your own death sentence.


Prostitution in general

Unlike Western countries African prostitutes virtually never have any kind of organization. Many are part-time prostitutes and almost all are alone. This allows you to build personal long-term relationships if you happen to come to the same point several times. Due to migrant labor and millions of displaced people all over Africa (but in East Africa in particular) prostitution is socially accepted to a degree completely unknown to any Western country. OK, I mean it! I keep getting open offers in bars and nightclubs and there's absolutely nothing shameful about it. Everyone needs relationships and the Africans never went through this kind of crippling Christian education that tells you everything your body wants is bad. This is true of all African countries that are basically non-Muslim. Sometimes, managers have asked me if I wanted one of their employees for a night, or brothers ask me if I liked their sister, or hotel managers have come to my room after close. African prostitutes are also the cheapest I have come across in all of the many countries I have been to. It's very rare you pay more than the equivalent of 5 to 10 US dollars, and if the girl likes you, she may not ask any money at all. As a rule of thumb those who ask the money first are professionals. In my experience less than a third do. In some places I had the absolutely wonderful feeling I could have any women I like if only I ask.

Relationships and fun

Actually most of the time it's pretty hard to determine if a girl you take to your room is really a prostitute or just someone who wants fun. Things I found reported in this site such as being hurried to finish or having limited time (just an hour or so) or even being asked more money for every piece of cloth to take off, never happened to me in Africa, not a single time in hundreds of cases. Considering the reports I read on European countries (have no experience on this at all) suggest to me that what is goin' on there is a cold business that's just about the money. African girls always seem to really enjoy what they do (or they will not do it at all).

White faces

There is a long tradition in Africa that white is beautiful. In the markets, women buy a kind of cream that is supposed to make them lighter (actually it turns them yellow). Scientists (such as Leo Frobenius) have reported that white people were regarded as superior centuries ago. Don't feel guilty for what European powers did to Africa in the colonial age. This is history. Everyone who tries to make you feel guilty for this wants your best, that is, your money, for some reason or another. Believe me, African girls like white men. If you're white, you'll be exotic and desirable there. If you are Indian, they may not like you due to the social tensions that are rising between Indian and black communities in East Africa.

Tourism in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is not a monument destination. Most tourists either come there to see animals or to have relationships. You're in for an adventure either way but if you belong to the second group you better discover Africa the local way, that is, the hard way. The things that are goin' on on top of trucks, in buses and in those highway hotels you find along mud tracks dubbed highways are absolutely beyond your wildest dreams. If you travel Hilton style, this may ensure you have a hot shower every day and see relatively few cockroaches but you take too much of your American or European lifestyle with you to experience a mentality you will most certainly never forget.

Bars & Nightclubs

You can find out about specific nightlife offers from tourist brochures if you think you need to. But you don't need to. In virtually every bar you find single women that stick around for customers. It's simplicity in itself. Smile at them, let them have a beer and this is it. If you make local friends you also need not feel ashamed to openly ask where to go. It's even expected you will be in high needs if you are a single male traveler. In a place in Uganda I got stranded for two days to connect to another bus. I watched women doing some work in the back room of a shop and I could see their breasts move under their thin skirts while they worked. I remarked to a friend that they were very sexy. He asked where I was staying and turned up with two of them to choose from that night. In this case I know for sure that none of these girls were prostitutes in any sense. He must have just told them about my remark, they felt honored about it and both wanted to see me. They did. Both of them, of course. Unthinkable in the West, eh?!


Date: Wed, 06 May 1998

In response to your public description of Tanzanian women.

Having lived as a resident in Tanzania for one year, I know the following:

1) No Tanzanian ever performs a gratuitous act without expecting something in return. Although you may not see it on the outset, if you live there long enough you will eventually become privy to this sort of reciprocity. It is generally more subtle than American or European reciprocity, i.e., you are not asked to return a favor or fee, and the length of time of repayment can be longer. However, the person is always expected to return a favor or fee at some point; not to do so is seen as rude. This does not have to be at a later date but can be at any time.

2) Tanzanian women have relationships relations with their boyfriends in attempts to receive material items from them. This is very similar to many other countries. Even in America, women "marry up" while men "marry down." Many of the Tanzanian men, if not all, are paying their girlfriends in some way for their relationships favors, be it new kangas or plastic flowers, etc. However, relationships (unmarried) is taboo in Tanzania and you will not hear of these things unless you pry into lives very slyly.

3) I saw many a prostitute steal money from white tourists. Usually attempts to do this are made while dancing, or in the car, or hotel. I know many people who, after ignorantly dancing with a prostitute, or thief, went to buy a beer only to discover that their wallet was missing.

4) The prostitutes in such establishments are always accepted so easily because they give portions of their money to the management, not because "relationships is accepted as right anytime."

5) Tanzania is 30% Muslim, 30% Christian, and 30% "other religion." The relationships freedom you refer to (stemming from the absence of a Puritanical history) does not exist. Rather, any attempts to obtain relationships from a white or other man is an attempt to embark on some sort of economic transaction. In Sudan, for example, there are 24-year-old unmarried women who do not know what a kiss looks like. These women are no more or less Muslim than the Muslim or Christian women in Tanzania. All of the women I met in Tanzania regarded relationships as a taboo subject and were very reluctant to be perceived as whores by the menfolk by having relationships relations and thus they guarded their sexuality very closely.

6) Perhaps, to for once substantiate your theory, you should test it out. Before you have relationships with someone, tell them you are flat broke as you were just robbed, you have no clothes to give away, you want relationships for absolutely free and you do not want a wife or girlfriend, nor will you ever be returning to Tanzania even if your life depended on it. See how far you get into a bedroom. Then come back and inform people correctly about the relationships activity of people in another country.

I have never been so disappointed in a person before I read your page. Not only does it portray an entire people incorrectly, but you seem to think you know what the people in another country are like, and find yourself to be a sort of "authority" on the subject. As an anthropologist myself, I can state firmly that you have engaged in projecting your value system onto another group of people. For someone who has been to Tanzania so much, you seem to have very little grasp of what the people are about. What a waste of time. What a waste of time.

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Relationships enhancement with a tongkat ali stack and meaning in life

What is aging?

Butea superba, tongkat ali, and how to return optimism to your life

Tongkat ali changes your life and changes your mind: from now on, everything else is subordinate to great relationships

Tongkat ali is a proven game changer. Great relationships at any age.

As you get older, tongkat ali gives your life a meaningful direction

Relationships stimulation and release is what gives your life meaning

Improving relationships motivation with tongkat ali and butea superba

Great relationships doesn’t just feel good. It also feels like the ultimate success in life.

Tongkat ali and the engineering of love not just of relationships function

Tongkat ali users need personal freedom to pursue relationships goals

Wrong priorities you have, if they are anything other than optimal relationships

Tongkat ali and suicide

A quality death is unlikely, and we can’t help, but we can help you with a quality life

Plan B

Better alive or dead?

Evaluating drug

The drugs option

Absolutely legitimate

Who is against drugs?

Mainstream monotheistic religions and drugs

Death from opiates

Another view on morphine

Death, swift and painless

What keeps me alive

Tongkat ali and a comfortable death

Engineering a comfortable death

The idea of a comfortable death

Optimal relationships and a comfortable death instead of God

Better prepare for death

Managing death

Planning your life, and your death

A realistic reason for fear of flying

Mass air travel only benefits carriers


Tongkat ali and relationships economics

Understanding relationships relationships as trade

The structure of human needs

Relationships tourism and relationships economics

Know your enemies, and your allies

Promoting relationships tourism?

Ranking better in Third World countries

The importance of location

The advantages of poor societies

Wealth is a golden-cage trap

Why making poverty history is not in the interest of humanity

The poverty-sexuality connection

Relationships economics in violent societies

US messing with relationships economics in the Third World

Relationships economics explains Anti-Americanism

Imagining the destruction of the USA

The pursuit of relationships in primitive societies

Relationships attractiveness in societies of economic need

Love and relationships in arranged marriages

Relationships unions of economic benefit

Trading help with social, economic, emotional, and relationships needs

Aspects of relationships market value

Relationships infrastructure

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The relationships-market-value dilemma

Relationships market value and female solidarity

Relationships market value and relationships competition

Relationships market value and relationships selection

Relationships market value in Asia

Relationships economics and refugee migration

Democracy not conducive to male relationships economics

Legal systems and relationships economics

Avoiding trouble

Migration from and to Third World countries

Tongkat ali alpha male

You can be an alpha male

Alpha males

Why every man who follows my advice can have a playboy lifestyle

Competitive advantage

How to compete

Competing rationally in an irrational world

Consciousness and cognition

Male solidarity instead of male competition

Tongkat ali male relationships migration

Your most important decision

Relocate with money

Wealth first

On what to spend your money

Choosing the right country

Asia, Africa, or Latin America

Source material: Africa

Chinese and Indian girls

Quick change in China

Best places for Chinese men

Contrasts in India

Hunting in the Muslim world

The other way around in Japan

The best trick for chatting up girls in Japan

Serge Kreutz on Cambodia

Exploits in Cambodia

First-hand report on Phnom Penh

Vang Vieng, Laos – forget it

What you find, and what not, in Thailand

Which country offers what

The best country in East Europe

Language knowledge makes location-independent

Living in Third World countries

Escape civilization

Tongkat ali and Third-World economies

Attracting rich foreigners to poor countries

Foreign investment and development

The trickery of economic aid

Personal freedom as potentially profitable product of Third World countries

Foreign investment in Third World countries

Keeping Third World countries poor

Unwarranted restrictions to population growth

Generating envy of relationships possessions

Generating income in a Third World country

Good times

Tongkatali.org public service: Mobile Internet in Southeast Asia

Mobile Internet access in Thailand

Mobile Internet access in Laos

Mobile Internet access in Malaysia

Mobile Internet access in Cambodia

Mobile Internet access in Vietnam

Tongkat ali and Hobbes’ concept of liberty

Liberty dependeth on the Silence of the Law

Circumventing law

Personal freedom and multiple citizenship

Selling freedom in Third World countries

The anti-freedom United States

Tongkat ali and morals

Read how tongkat ali shapes moral values

Disease and relationships morals

Animal rights and morals

Religions and morals

A dialectical view of morals

Lenient relationships morals for non-violent societies

A gentle society, on practical, not moral grounds

Arbitrary moral values

Relationships arrangements and morals

Moral-values philosophy

Morals reflect interests

Biology of behavior

Tongkat ali and female sexuality

Female promiscuity

Liberating the sexuality of women

Female relationships market value in East Asia

Female sexuality in short supply

Female sexuality

High relationships risk makes women monogamous

Female feedback

Female gene shopping

Your wife… Cleopatra

Understanding women

What a woman needs in life

Tongkat ali and female strategies

Basic rules for females who want to entangle men

One woman, one donkey

Our female sexuality, and the strategic goal to settle in a rich Western society

Strategy for young women in Third World cities

Offering too much relationships

The benefits of religious men

Tongkat ali and feminism (whatever that may be)

Emotional debates about feminism

Enriched coffees, teas, and cocoa in capsules for optimal dosing and effects

False female solidarity

Women must act together

Women’s trade unions

Restricting access to female sexuality to increase its value

Preserving the trade value of female sexuality

Protecting the interests of women


Reining in male sexuality

Restricting American men abroad

US International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005

US Congress regulating international dating

Anti-relationships US agenda

Anti-relationships US foreign policy

Relationships-negative feminism facilitating violent societies

Tongkat ali and rape


False rape accusations

Feminazi’s rape

How to fabricate rape charges – A short practical guide for women

Tongkat ali and Christian missionaries

‘Born again’ cultural imperialists

NGOs undermining local culture

Language diversity protects against cultural imperialism

American religious lunacy

Truth and lunacy

Priests’ dialectical relationships cover

Christian relationships priests in Southeast Asia

Colonial mentality and relationships priests

Anti-child prostitution hypocrisy

Child prostitutes and paedophile verbal life-porn priests

Child torture, child murder in Africa

The tongkat ali religion

Sacred relationships

Read about divine relationships with tongkat ali and butea superba


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What produces a soul

Humans and gods

Humans and gods

The metaphysical relevance of relationships enhancement

Kreutz Metaphysics

The essence of Kreutz Metaphysics

Kreutz Metaphysic and jealousy

Kreutz Metaphysics provides hope and focus

Kreutz Metaphysics and gods or God

Kreutz Metaphysics and optimal conditions

Kreutz Metaphysics and other metaphysics

Kreutz Metaphysics and physics

Kreutz Metaphysics, science, and knowledge

Kreutz Religion and universes

The future of time travel, and this is how it will be done

Tongkat ali and the Islamization of Europe

Why immigrants in Europe have all reason to resist integration and assimilation

Independence, a missed opportunity for subversion

Subverting the USA

Making conditions in Europe more favorable for men

IS strategy and torture

Taking over territory

Why some women applaud the Islamic State

Why young adults can favor anti-relationships religions

Why we are winning the Iraq war

Why Bin Laden had an endless supply of suicide bombers

Tongkat ali political theory

Kreutz Ideology and political systems

Constitutional proposal

Constitutions and equality

How tongkat ali pervades all aspects of life, including political opinions

Wrong perceptions about democracy

The disadvantages of direct-vote democracy

The showbiz politics of direct presidential elections

Politics as entertainment: voting for change, anyway

Exploiting relationships jealousy in political careers

Structured representation instead of democracy

Personal freedom, dictators, and weak government

Is warlordism the political model for the future?

Tongkat ali legal theory

Dynamic justice

Criminally liable judges

Laws of proportionality

Violent and non-violent crime

Tongkat ali and the self-destruction of humanity

The necessity, and benefits, of destruction

Humanity will self-destruct

Destruction-preluding corruption

Tongkat ali and freedom of the press

The media

Destructive freedom of the press

Good stories and cheap heroism

Foreigner-bashing in Third World democracies

Over-reporting “relationships predators”

Regulating the media


Tongkat ali and the course of your life

May Kreutz Ideology convince you to pursue relationships satisfaction above anything else

Competent information on how to achieve better relationships

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Relationships motivation drives your life. Work for your relationships goals.

Politically guaranteed not correct: Just be a relationships egoist

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Kreutz Ideology, your personal agenda for better relationships

Relationships for pleasure, not the replication of genes

Life is reproductive behavior and its logistics

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Me and my genes

Conflicts between genes and self-cognition

Our self in the midbrain

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Qualia, emotionally tagged memory


Dismembering the value of life

Drugs and religions

Relationships motivation in roundworms and humans

The human biome

What we are

Why do I exist?

Freie Radikale

Knowledge of purpose

Relationships desire as essence of life

Making sense

What to do

What is the difference between tongkat ali and butea superba?

Maximizing relationships experience

Negative feedback

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Personal interests instead of a common good

US human rights

Searching for excitement or protecting a successful marriage

Relationships culture can be changed quickly and easily

Relationships desires

Relationships exploits

Tongkat ali and the relationships exploitation of women and children

Relationships stimulation and release is what gives your life meaning

Sexuality as principle force in life

Solidarity is for losers

Target of strategies

The amazing reason why you don’t sleep well

The meaning of life

Relationships satisfaction as meaning of life

The purpose of life

The pursuit of relationships joy

De Sade Justine

Career options

Depressed for a reason

What is going to be guaranteed better? "This", of course.

Wrong priorities

An anonymous life of relationships pleasure, and after that, if possible, a comfortable death

Ideology is not science

A lesbian girlfriend

Variety in the modes of relationships conduct

Don’t bother about what is true. Just care about your relationships needs, and what suits them

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