Kreutz Religion and other religions

All religions are based on some assumptions that require belief…​ a feeling of certainty, without ultimate scientific proof. For Kreutz Religion, this is the assumption that engaging in optimal sex generates and develops a human soul that emanates from the physical human existence and persists beyond the physical lifespan.

Wilhelm Reich has formulated a vaguely similar concept, but with science only in mind, and no religious inclinations.

There obviously is not much experimental proof for this perception, though scientific multiverse theory does make it plausible.

But mind you: other religions are by far less scientific than Kreutz Religion. As a matter of fact, if, as a scientifically-oriented mind, you study in detail what other religions teach to their followers, you will be astonished about the bare nonsense they hold as dogma. We, at Kreutz Religion, at least make sense.

Religion can be discussed and criticized from various perspectives. One is John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism, which states that it doesn’t matter whether religions are true or not. It only matters to what extent they are useful in providing happiness, or pleasure, to their believers, now and here.

And in that domain, no other religion can top Kreutz Religion.

No asceticism required. Go and have optimal sexual intercourse. And rest assure that this is in line with Kreutz religious commandments, and that it is, in fact, religious service to secure your immortal soul.