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1 Ideology

1.1 Kreutz Ideology

1.2 Ideology is not science

1.3 What is truth?

1.4 The origin of motivation, and ideology

1.5 Motivation and spatial memory

1.6 A materialistic perspective

1.7 Ideology with contradictions

1.8 Ideology as a composition of articles

1.9 Ideology in the English language

1.10 Spin doctors, copywriters and spam

2 Self-cognition

2.1 What we are

2.2 Why do I exist?

2.3 Me and my genes

2.4 Self-cognition and genes

2.5 Conflicts between genes and self-cognition

2.6 Qualia, emotionally tagged memory

2.7 Supercomputers are not life

2.8 Our self in the midbrain

2.9 Emotions are just biochemistry

2.10 Life is reproductive behavior and its logistics

2.11 Sexual desire as essence of life

2.12 Sexual motivation in roundworms and humans

2.13 The human biosphere MALE PUBLIC STRATEGIES Religions and morals Your most important decision The importance of location Ranking better in Third World countries Living in Third World countries Manila, short novel, kurzer Roman (German, deutsch) Die Juanito Bar Toni Gräf Raymond's Fastfood Georg Mandels Heiratsanzeige Die Schwangere Die Arena Babie Die Verhaftung Die Zelle Der Kompromiss Die Gold Love Nach Toledo Linda Das Arrangement Die Hochzeit Abschied Lucy's Mädchen Ein Menschenfreund Bacolod Oswald Kroll Ein Mord Die Rückkehr Die Entführung Das Objekt Kroll Das Volksgefängnis Die Exekution Anhang Maximizing sexual experience Relocate with money Escape civilization Circumventing law Trading help with social, economic, emotional, and sexual needs Sexual attractiveness in societies of economic need Love and sex in arranged marriages The advantages of poor societies The poverty-sexuality connection Unwarranted restrictions to population growth Sexual unions of economic benefit Wealth is a golden-cage trap The pursuit of sex in primitive societies Why making poverty history is not in the interest of humanity Personal interests instead of a common good Variety in the modes of sexual conduct Sexual culture can be changed quickly and easily Personal freedom as potentially profitable product of Third World countries Selling freedom in Third World countries Keeping Third World countries poor Migration from and to Third World countries Foreign investment in Third World countries Attracting rich foreigners to poor countries Foreign investment and development Personal freedom and multiple citizenship Language diversity protects against cultural imperialism Language knowledge makes location-independent Mass air travel only benefits carriers The anti-freedom United States Sexual economics explains Anti-Americanism US messing with sexual economics in the Third World NGOs undermining local culture American religious lunacy "Born again" cultural imperialists The trickery of economic aid On what to spend your money Subverting the USA Independence, a missed opportunity for subversion Making conditions in Europe more favorable for men Sexual economics and refugee migration Why immigrants in Europe have all reason to resist integration and assimilation Kreutz Ideology and political systems Wrong perceptions about democracy The disadvantages of direct-vote democracy The showbiz politics of direct presidential elections Politics as entertainment: voting for change, anyway Exploiting sexual jealousy in political careers Democracy not conducive to male sexual economics Structured representation instead of democracy Personal freedom, dictators, and weak government Destructive freedom of the press US human rights Regulating the media Over-reporting "sexual predators" The BBC Good stories and cheap heroism Generating envy of sexual possessions The media Legal systems and sexual economics Constitutional proposal Constitutions and equality Laws of proportionality Feminazi's rape False rape accusations Violent and non-violent crime Dynamic justice Criminally liable judges Why Bin Laden has an endless supply of suicide bombers Why we are winning the Iraq war Why young adults can favor anti-sexual religions IS strategy and torture The necessity, and benefits, of destruction Is warlordism the political model for the future? Taking over territory Imagining the destruction of the USA Destruction-preluding corruption Humanity will self-destruct Male solidarity instead of male competition Alternatives FEMALE PRIVATE STRATEGIES Wealth first Solidarity is for losers Sexual infrastructure What is your virginity? Female promiscuity The benefits of religious men Offering too much sex Basic rules for females who want to entangle men Searching for excitement or protecting a successful marriage MALE PRIVATE STRATEGIES Dishonesty Read poetry Wrong priorities Manoeuvring and logistics Biology of behavior What keeps me alive Sexual exploits Know your enemies, and your allies Rules of deceit and deception A lesbian girlfriend How women achieve orgasm Understanding women Female sexuality Female orgasmic fantasies Problems with the female orgasm Liberating the sexuality of women What a woman needs in life Female gene shopping PRIVATE STRATEGIES, BOTH FEMALE AND MALE ENGINEERING LOVE Two kinds of sexual love The seed of love Do you need love? Love as neuromolecular constellation Easy technique for engineering love Sample manipulation technique ENGINEERING LOVE (INITIAL DRAFT) Geography and love Chasing and flattering What are we living for? The benefits of jealousy Sexual satisfaction Love – it won’t last PLAYING MECHANISMS OF JEALOUSY Instrumental jealousy In praise of unfaithfulness Your wife... Cleopatra Dangerous sex Honesty The psychology of better sex ENGINEERING SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS Cosmetic surgery What is aging? Engineering youth Deciding for cosmetic surgery and related procedures Growth hormone and the dream of an indefinite lifespan The other "eternal" life What medical science will achieve before the other "eternal" life Looking young is being young Youth instead of immortality Engineering optimal sexual function Impotence or erectile dysfunction Modulating brain chemistry Neuropharmacological help Love drugs Growth hormone The quality of orgasms Negative feedback MARIJUANA Underestimated marijuana Marijuana and intelligence Why women have all reason to support legalizing marijuana Marijuana and love Marijuana and old-age dignity The older you are, the more you benefit from marijuana The world's number one marijuana song The Internet and Marijuana DOPAMINERGICS Dopamine agonists Ergot - a plant poison used for medications that enhance sexuality Bromocriptine Sexual enhancement with bromocriptine How does bromocriptine feel - personal experience How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea Cabergoline and testosterone Low-price cabergoline Bulk apomorphine Apomorphine instead of yohimbine? Lisuride causing extreme nausea How to take lisuride for sexual enhancement Pergolide for sexual enhancement Pergolide compared with other dopaminergics Selegiline for better sex Amineptine reported to cause powerful orgasms TESTOSTERONE Testosterone modulation Personal experience with enhancing testosterone as treatment of sexual dysfunction Testosterone - a second opinion Testosterone up-regulation, a tricky issue TONGKAT ALI Tongkat ali to improve testosterone tone Tongkat ali, the world's new most valuable plant Tongkat ali inhibits aromatase and phosphodiesterase Con artist tricks in the tongkat ali retail trade Tongkat ali scam with forged and irrelevant government licenses Tongkat ali purchase rules Tongkat ali reliably cures migraines Major US supplement brands just selling fillers Dangerous tongkat ali Worldwide tongkat ali shortage YOHIMBE Yohimbe and erectile dysfunction Yohimbine pharmacology Does yohimbe increase penis size? Yohimbe or yohimbine - which is better? Yohimbine plus Pfizer's Blue Yohimbe combined with bromocriptine or deprenyl Yohimbe and sleep Yohimbe Fuel Review of yohimbe products Is yohimbine a MAO inhibitor? OTHERS Erections with alprostadil and prostaglandin E1 Nitroglycerin and erections Sirih leaves to restore virginity, not just the hymen Pygeum for a lean prostate Multivitamins - save your money for better purchases Muira puama - not an aphrodisiac, just a tonic Damiana - why enhancing estrogens is not advisable The benefits of carnitine